I´ll always remember how I met Marc for the first time... he was leaning on a railing, arms crossed, and wearing sunglasses. It didn´t seem to matter to him that the sun wasn't up yet. Well, not that you could really notice the sunlight among all those skyscrapers here anyway. He grinned at me when I came closer. The way his long hair hang into his face was very casual - too casual to be an accident. Marc - he never mentioned his surname - was around thirty, maybe a little older. Normally he sold the only good of real worth: Information. But any info related to me, well, in my case he should make some disappear - all of it.

Marc´s German Voice

Marc on Doc:

"There’s a doctor, but don’t ask me his name - everybody just calls him Doc. What I can tell you about him? Basically he’s a nice guy, but he loves to tell long, boring stories… If you can listen to them, though, I’m pretty sure you’ll get a lot for less cash.

Hmmm... his business runs better than he admits. I’ve heard that he even has an employee now. If it’s true what the people say, she’s a "hot young bitch" - sorry, that's what I've heard. By the way, in case you haven't figured it out by now, don’t mess up with him. In your line of work, it’s just a matter of time until you’ll need him more than your daily coffee..."

Doc´s German Voice

Marc on Dee:

"There's this dealer, name's Dee. Over the past couple of years she's taken control the entire weapon business in our little corner. Well, maybe "taken control" doesn't really fit it… Let me say it like this: Some time ago there was also some Russian sellers on the block, but one day they had just disappeared, and there she was. Nobody ever figured out what happened to those guys.

She's a real power girl: Smart, always chic and up-to-date. Her only weak point is the dodgy leg. She might not win a marathon with that leg, but try to be nice - she controls the weapons, so she controls your life. Remember that."

Dee´s German Voice

Marc on Jason:

"To finish a mission, you need to actually *get* there first. Sounds simple, but then again, the most important aspects of this job usually are. Most of the companies store the really important stuff in their subterranean fortresses, far out in the Wastelands. I know that's nothing new to you, but I'm also quite sure you don't wanna go out there by foot. Therefore I suggest you to talk to Jason. Don't worry about him, he's a nice guy - nearly too nice for my taste.

Anyway, you'll recognize him by his pilot gear - pretty much outdated pilot gear, to be exactly. He's also missing his left hand; nobody knows how he lost it, but there are many rumours: a crash, shark bite, anything's possible. It's funny when you think about it - the only pilot you've got is one-handed. Hmm. Maybe you shouldn't think about it after all."

Jason´s German Voice

Marc on Shakir

"If you need money – I mean, really need it – than visit Shakir. He’s a big black guy, most of the time hanging around in front of his Chinese restaurant. In fact, if it were up to me, I’d stay clear of Shakir altogether...

His interests are extreme; my prices are cheap next to his, if you don’t mind where he picked them up from in the first place. People also say that he has his fingers in all kinds of illegal stuff, from drugs to protection money. Some even say he’s a pimp. I have no idea if this is true, and – you know me – I don’t give a damn about it. The only important thing is that you can count on him when you need money. In all other concerns I’d go out of my way to avoid him…"

Shakir´s German Voice

Marc on Arthur

"The homeless guy... oh, you mean Arthur? Well, what's to say about him? He's a fuckin' down-and-out, man! Hangs around the dustbins all day long begging for money to booze his brain out, not to mention the other shit he's on. But sometimes... sometimes he has really useful info, enough to make you wonder where he's getting it from.

He's not alone, either. Only a few straightedges above 50 have a decent job -- and most of the others are too burnt out to become a Freelancer, especially once they're that old. But Arthur, heh, he'll probably die before he even stands up again. Some day you'll be walking along this street and he'll be flatlined -- just pray you won't be the one to find him."

Arthur´s German Voice
Mr. Smith

Marc on Mr Smith

"You see those guys in suits running about here? ... People with common names. If you manage to impress them they might have a few very interesting jobs for you...

One of them is Mr. Smith - well, or that's what he claims his name is. And even though it is my job to know everything, I have no idea what his real name is. Might as well be because it is his job to keep just that a secret. People like Mr. Smith are working for corporate groups and they hire people like you for jobs their own guys can't handle. You can't trust these people but they are your best bet if you want to lay your hands on clean money. In short: They got the jobs, they got the money. And they got an army behind them if you don't play by their rules."

Mr Smith´s German Voice

Marc on Jenny

"Jenny. What a sweet, sweet piece of ass. Yeah, I know her - know her *well*, if you know what I mean. It's too bad she's a hooker, because she's one of the nicest girls I've ever known - that's her MO, not kinky, not enhanced, just natural, y'know? I'm not gonna say she's a 'hooker with a heart of gold,' but you get the picture.

She got into hooking when she was on Arabian Nights, and needed the cash to sustain the habit, but as far as I know she's kicked it. She's got a new habit now, I guess. Anyway, she's not a solo job - gotta pimp hanging around there someplace, though I don't know who he is. Now that you mention it, I've seen her with a black eye once in a while, so either she's got rough customers or her boss likes to use her as a punching bag. Aside from her services, she's a good source of info, so even if you're not into meat puppets you should still check her out. Heh, no pun intended.“

Jenny´s German Voice

Marc on the Strangers

"Y'know, as much as they pretend to be tough shit, the people in the cities are tame little bunny rabbits compared to the Wastelanders. Some people like to think that the world ends once the bright neon and concrete streets end, but outside the cities lies the Wasteland; the heat, endless shifting horizons and the freakish green glow at night might be bad enough, but the inhabitants are even worse. First, you've got the Low Techs. Beside this nomads - which can't tell the difference between a toaster and a cyberclaw - there are mutants… or Stranger, as some call them. Their density has increased during the last months and while the Low Techs will only kill you to grab your stuff, the mutants like to *eat* humans, raw and preferably screaming.

Did I mention that the Wastelands aren't exactly *safe*? Anyway. They might be soulless bastards with little more intelligence than an ape (on a good day), but they can still use clubs or knives to take you down, so don't get close. If you see one, gun him down. If you see more than one, lob grenades over your back as you run the hell away and pray that one of them wasn't a track star in a former life."
Low Techs

Marc on the Low Techs

"I think I've mentioned it before… the scum roaming the Wastelands. No, I'm not talking about the mutants but people like you and me. People around here call them the "Low Techs" or "Outlanders". They are nomad tribes -made up of outcasts and rebels- who have established their own culture and civilization over the years. Their weapons are inferior: Knives, clubs, bows and arrows and more of the kind.

However, that is the exact reason you should be extra careful when dealing with them - Your equipment is invaluable to them and bows and arrows are still as lethal as ever unless you have some of these all new dermal protection layers under your skin. Yeah, people like you always tend to believe that they are invincible and that those savages can't even scratch them. People have lost their lives because of this arrogant attitude."
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